Saturday, December 30, 2006

THE WHISTLE BLOWER Confessions of a Healthcare Hitman

THE WHISTLE BLOWER Confessions of a Healthcare Hitman

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Osama Bin Stupid

Anderson Nation | Rated #1 Source for Wisdom!!: "Osama Bin Stupid
Monday, Apr 24, 2006

Seriously, does anybody take this idiot seriously? According to many news experts, now even the Islamic fundamentalists that followed him 'religiously' in the past are largely ignoring him now. What does that tell us? This means to me that his 'power' is not quite what it used to be perceived as. I think the fruitcakes that used to follow this coward, and his 'teachings' are starting to realize that suicide bombings, while taking out a few innocent people, also take the propagandist out. Can it possibly be considered a victory if the 'winner' dies with the loser? I can see how it might be hard to follow orders that tell you to go get your butt kicked by the American Forces. If there were even a slight chance that victory could even be seen on the horizon, maybe, but how can they justify following a coward that leads from the rear. Isn't that like pushing a rope? If you want a rope to go where you want it to, you have to pull it, or lead it from the front. Pushing, or leading from the rear, will result in disorganized chaos.

Here is my public plea to the idiot in charge over there (Omar, Oh Henry, Oh llama, or whatever your name is)"

Anderson Nation Supports The Troops!

Anderson Nation | Rated #1 Source for Wisdom!!: "Anderson Nation Supports The Troops!
We'd like to give a huge HOOAHH!!! to all the troops in Iraq and elsewhere, fighting to keep our freedom free!
Anderson Nation also asks for a special prayer request for two soldiers in particular:
Brian Saaristo of Wright, MN, was injured in the line of duty in Iraq. Our thoughts and prayers go to Brian and his family, and wish him and them the very best.
Also, today, I ran into a guy I've known for upwards of 20 years now, and consider him to be as close a brother as if we were kin. Sgt. 1st Class Ronald Stone of Cloquet, MN is on leave from Iraq, and will soon be heading back for another 8 months. We pray that God watches over him and brings him home safe and sound.
To all the other soldiers, sailors, and support troops: We are on your side! Please don't listen to the John Kerry's and Hillary Clinton's of the world. Most Americans are not as cynical and hateful. We know what you are doing is dangerous. We know it is tough. We can only imagine how hard it must be to say good bye to your friends and families to go off to war. All we can do is offer our deepest thanks and prayers for your safe return. Keep this in are not, nor will you or your sacrifices ever be forgotten. Each and every one of you is held in"